How To Enable UAC Prompt For All Admin Actions On Windows 10

Edit: You really need to make sure you turn this on to password prompting.  Remember that we’re trying to duplicate the Linux like permission system for system changes.  And in Windows 10, a lot of things that seem like user changes are system changes.  It may be annoying, but this will save your butt someday possibly. 

Naturally I made a video how-to.  I highly recommend this, for this will stop a lot of evil software and trouble makers at the keyboard.  At the UAC prompt, notice the information at the top and take note of the publisher and or program asking for admin privileges and see if you feel comfortable with it, if not, use your smart phone to do a web search on the publisher.  Keep in mind if a publisher is listed their probably legit as they have a Microsoft issued cert.  But not all Microsoft issued certs to publishers mean that the software is legit so still be careful.  And if no publisher is listed because there is no cert, well then, I had assumed you did your homework before executing the file right? 


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