How To Display A Pre-Logon Banner On Windows 10

First off, here’s a screenshot of my banner.  Click the picture for a bigger size.pre-logon-banner-censored

  1. Type control in the search bar in the lower left of your screen, next to the start menu.  Screenshot.  control-panel-1
  2. On the Control Panel window select “Administrative Tools”.  Should be near top left.  Screenshot.  control-panel-2
  3. In the administrative tools window, select “Local Security Policy”.  It’s highlighted in grey in the screenshot.  adminstrative-tools
  4. In the local security policy window, look for the two highlighted grey lines.  The left side of the Window will get you to where you want to be and the right side window is where you will want to change your data.  Right click or double click, either will work and fill in the information that you want in there.  Screenshot.  local-security-policy
  5. Close all windows and reboot the computer and you should see your pre-logon banner.

There ya go.