I Donated To Wikipedia, What About You

Hi Nate!

I love that it’s my job to thank you for your $ 11.00 monthly contribution to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.

The essential story of Wikipedia is the story of an individual, like you, giving a little bit of themselves to keep the doors of discovery open. Your monthly recurring contribution shows me that the spirit of our vision is alive and well.

If you ever want to cancel your monthly support, please see our easy cancellation instructions.

You probably donated because Wikipedia is useful to you. That’s one of the main reasons people tell me when I ask them why they support Wikipedia. But what may surprise you is that one of the top reasons people don’t give is because they can’t afford to.

At the Wikimedia Foundation, we believe that no one should have to pay to learn. We believe knowledge should always be free. We will never charge anyone to use Wikipedia. So how do we afford the infrastructure of one of the world’s most popular websites?

Because of the generosity of people like you.

Wikipedia is yours: yours to read, yours to edit, yours in which to get lost. We’re not the destination, we’re the beginning.

Nate, thank you for helping free knowledge thrive.


Katherine Maher,
Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation